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Current Streaming Situation

Sat Jun 24, 2017, 10:15 AM

Hey all, I know I haven't been streaming on Picarto as much lately, but just to note it has NOTHING TO DO with what the hell happened earlier in the week. A few peeps already know this from who I also follow on there too, but it's such a long story, with such event not needing to end up in disaster. :V

So here's why my streams aren't as active: My dad is still on break from working due to getting used to the new home he found for me, himself, and my stepmom. And he still hasn't learned that just because my door is open doesn't mean he can butt in anytime he wants. It's open for room temperature purposes plus to allow my cat entry. THE WORD IS KNOCK!!! If I have to knock on his bedroom door to need something from him or my stepmom, then why does he get free admittance from me? X_X My room is not like one of a university's walk-in therapy offices. Also, even if he isn't doing is butting-in habits, he tends to constantly talk to me often about what to expect regarding our needs or sometimes ask me about adventuring around my town...
...NOT WHEN I'M CLOSE TO MY FUCKING MENSTRUAL PERIOD (for the latter)!!! You know I can barely move, barely think clearly, barely do chores, etc. during the first half. -_-
But here's the good news at this time: He is getting his job interview Monday, and from earlier conversations he had with the boss of the job, she seems to be interested in taking him in. I do wish him good luck in his interview, in hopes he gets the job. This will help with the rent especially since the condo is $200 more than the old place, plus with the obvious other needs. >w< I know I will seem self-centered for this part, but at least this will avoid constant distractions, letting me sleep in during depressive episodes, and allowing me to be able to stream more often again. Depends on his hours and work days though. I still love my dad and all, but I am not the type of person who wants to be bothered every 5 minutes regardless of what I'm doing. Even if it's something productive like chores. Then it's forced family dinners. Ugh...fuck those. It's just the three of us! I like eating in peace!

I know that seemed like I don't like my family, but understand I live in solitude in real life. I can't just immediately go and be a social butterfly just because I'm not in South Carolina anymore. It takes time to get used to a new state, time to meet the people around there, time to recover your cheerful memories with the family you used to spend time with often, time to just...Start anew. It doesn't happen instantly.
How does this relate to streaming? Well, streaming the art I have for the last while allows me to relieve those feelings. Even slightly before the move, I didn't feel ready to recover. And hence that's why my stream announcements always were titled NSFW and those who attended always saw the Clefairy GIF (the one with "I have no idea what I'm doing"). That kind of art was mainly mixed categories rather than just focusing on one particular section, and also why I switched between pictures. ;w;

But once I find out when dad is starting his new job if he gets it, I should be back in order. If he gets first shift, the days he works will be your lucky days! :3 :3 :3 Because he'll be gone during the day AND he will be going to bed early, so I can focus on art both times! Because he's been going to bed late for the last while, which IS hindering my progress. :/ Especially if I want to finish up a pic that day and if it's super-late at night.

Guess that's it for now. I'm sorry once more if my streams are less frequent, but it shouldn't be much longer before I get back in business. .v.


Dad got the job he wanted!! He will be working starting Wednesday; so my stream hiatus will be over by then. :3

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Statues, FAQ


Art with Multiple Characters with Any Background of Your Choice
Portraits/Landscapes with multiple characters, time taken will range within 3-6 weeks depending on mood and productivity.

**Simple Background = Same cost as this particular commission ($15.00/1200 points)
**Mildly Detailed Background = +$10.00/800 points ($25 total)
**Complex Background = +$20.00/1600 points ($35 total)
Portraits (ONE Character) with Simple to Mildly-Detailed Backgrounds
Drawing of a character with a background that can have MILD details. Time can take 2-3.5 weeks depending on mood and productivity.

**Simple Background = Same cost as this particular commission ($9.50/760 points)
**Mildly Detailed Background = +$10.00/800 points ($19.50 total)

**Complex Background is NOT a choice.
Landscapes with no characters
A landscape without any characters featured whatsoever. Time will take from 1-3 weeks depending on mood and productivity.

**Simple Landscape = Same cost as this particular commission ($5.00/400 points)
**Mild Landscape = +$10.00/800 points ($15 total)
**Complex Landscape = +$12.50/1000 points ($27.50 total)

***Mild-Complex Details = +$5.50/440 points -> Can be applied to any level of the landscape. Simple details are completely free.
InDesign Works (ex. Newspapers, Advertisements, etc.)
Want a clean variation of a newspaper, ad, so forth? Time will take 1-2 and a half weeks depending on mood and productivity.
Characters with No Backgrounds (Simple)
**Complex character art in this category is NOT an option, so don't ask. Simple art of a character without any sort of background. Time will take around 1-2 weeks depending on mood and productivity.

My Pals and the Besties!!


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